Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


Why are product management skills relevant today?

How do companies like Google and Zomato decide which new features to launch for their users? Enter product managers. Lying at the intersection between business, design, and technology, product management is the practice of identifying and building out products that are viable, feasible and desired by your customers. Whether they’re developing their own product or working within a larger organisation, product managers work with key stakeholders, designers, and developers to ensure that the final product satisfies both business objectives and customer needs. It’s no wonder why LinkedIn ranks product manager as one of its most promising jobs — openings for the role have grown 65% year over year in India alone.


What are the professional backgrounds of product management students?

Product Management is the best course for new product managers, entrepreneurs, and others exploring a career that bridges business, design, and tech. You’ll find a diverse range of students in the classroom, including: # New product managers who may have been recently promoted into the role or have been informally taking on PM tasks. # Entrepreneurs applying product management principles to their own startup, and other professionals undertaking passion projects on the side. # Non-PM professionals such as UX designers, engineers, and project managers who work with product teams and are looking to build fluency in the discipline. # Ultimately, this programme attracts a community of eager learners who have an interest in working cross-functionally and bringing successful products to life.


What does my tuition cover?

Here are just some of the benefits you can expect as a Brightigo student: # 40 hours of expert instruction designed to build a strong foundation in critical skills for product managers. # Robust coursework, including expert-vetted lesson decks, project toolkits, and more. Refresh and refine your knowledge throughout your professional journey as needed. # A real-world project where you’ll apply the end-to-end PM process, developing a product or feature that’s aligned to both customer needs and business goals. # Individual feedback and guidance from instructors and TAs during office hours. Stay motivated and make the most of your experience with the help of Brightigo’s dedicated team. # Exclusive access to alumni discounts, networking events, and career workshops. # A Brightigo course certificate to showcase your new skill set on LinkedIn. # Connections with a professional network of instructors and peers that lasts well beyond the course. The global Brightigo community can help you navigate and succeed in the field.


Will I earn a certificate?

Yes! Upon passing this product management training course, you will receive a signed certificate of completion. Thousands of Brightigo alumni use their course certificate to demonstrate skills to employers and their LinkedIn networks. Brightigo’s Product Management course is well-regarded by many top employers, who contribute to our curriculum and use our programmes to train their own product managers.


Who teaches this product management course?

Our instructors represent the best and brightest product managers who have worked for Google, Zomato, Flipkart and Policy Bazaar. They combine in-depth knowledge as practitioners with a passion for nurturing the next generation of talent. We work with a large pool of experienced instructors around the world. Please speak with our Admissions team to find out who is teaching the upcoming course in your location


Are there any prerequisites for this product management course?

This is a beginner-friendly programme with no prerequisites, although students may have had exposure to product development concepts or be informally taking on PM responsibilities in their current role. Whether you’re new to the field or you’re looking to formalise your practice, our curriculum will enable you to explore critical tools for navigating the product life cycle and put them to work for you, your company, and your career. Our Admissions team can discuss your background and learning goals to advise if this course is a good fit for you.


Can I work full-time while enrolled in this product management course?

Yes! All of our part-time courses are designed for busy professionals with full-time work commitments. Depending on your location, classes meet twice per week in the evenings or all day on Saturday. If you’re able to dedicate a full week to learning, we also have a full-time, accelerated 1-week option. You may opt to take this course in-person at one of our 30+ campuses or online via our Remote classroom setup. You will be expected to spend time working on homework and projects outside of class hours each week, but the workload is designed to be manageable with a full-time job. If you need to miss a session or two, we offer resources to help you catch up. We recommend you discuss any planned absences with your instructor.


Which format should I take this product management course in — on-campus or online?

It’s up to you! Our Remote courses offer a learning experience that mirrors Brightigo’s on-campus offerings but allow you to learn from the comfort of home. If you don’t live near a Brightigo campus, have a busy travel schedule, or just want to save yourself the commute, a Remote course could be a good option for you, if available in your market. You’ll still get access to the expert instruction, learning resources, and support network that Brightigo is known for. If you prefer to learn alongside your peers and can make it to campus, our in-person courses allow you to take advantage of our beautiful classrooms and workspaces. Our Admissions team can advise you on the best format for your personal circumstances and learning style.


What projects will I work on during the course?

For your final project, you’ll apply all of the concepts and tools learned in the course to develop a product or feature of your choice. You’ll get hands-on practice with each step in the PM process and create professional-standard documentation spanning market research, prototyping, health metrics, and more. You’ll also deliver a final presentation, which can serve as a case study for stakeholders, future employers, and your portfolio. We encourage you to tackle a product challenge that’s related to your work or a passion project you’ve been meaning to carve out time for. Throughout this product management training course, you’ll also complete a number of smaller projects based on real-world examples that are designed to reinforce what you’ve learned in each unit.