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Basics of Product Management

Week 1-2

What is Product Management

Expectations from a product manager

Hard skills by Product Managers

Different aspects in B2B B2C and B2B2C markets

How to interact with millions of customers at a time

How to set up a survey

Tools required to setup a survey

What parameters are to be considered before starting a survey

Methods to reach

Designing, mockups and discussion board creation

Week 3

Basics of Design concept

Ideating a design

Wireframing and mockup

Tools required to do wireframing

Optimization analysis

UAT (User acceptance test)

Internal and External

QA of Designs

Week 4


Heuristic Evaluation

Cases Identified with engineering

Heatmap Testing

A/B Testing

Writing Document and tracking product roadmap

Week 5-6

Agile methodology

Scrum Product Development

Writing Awesome Product Required Document (P.R.D)

Creation of roadmap

Project Planning

Creating sprints of backlog

Tools used to maintain backlog

Excel and Jira

Continuous development and deployment

Development operations

Release management

Final UAT with QA

QA Sign off

Product Sign off

Identifying continuous traffic metrics

Frameworks used for prioritizations

The Product Life Cycle

Week 6-9

The art of self-disruption: preserve your business by embracing disruptive products (that aren’t yours)

Product adoption curves: identify where your product falls on the curve and what that means for future product decisions

Cohort analysis

Calculations of customers lifetimes value

Calculations of RFM score (Recency, Frequecy, Monentization)

Segmentations and funnel analysis

Google analysis

User Behaviour analysis

Acquisition and activation growth hacking

Mobile App optimisation in app store

Conversion rate calculations optimisation

Referral and Retention hacking

Engagement and monetization

Styles of leadership

Interaction with team and management

How to lead without authority

Resourses optimisation

Product Leadership

Introduction to Communication Skills: Personality and Behaviour in product management

Week 10

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Why Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence are More Significant than IQ

Introduction to Human Factors

Communication and Communication Breakdown

Elements Of Non-Verbal Communication

Marketing Analytics: Pricing Strategies and Price Analytics

Week 11

Setting a Pricing Objective

Estimating Demand

Estimating Costs

Analyzing competitors

Evaluating Pricing Strategies

Storytelling for Innovation

Week 11

Uncover and create a compelling customer story

Storytelling techniques that generate excitement and buy-in

Evaluating and telling your story

Mastering PM interview

Week 12

Product Vision Questions

Behavioural Questions

Estimating Questions

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